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Techno Bois Déco
   Techno Bois Déco, at the forefront of joinery for 20 years, showcases the perfect blend between Vanuatu’s most common natural resource, Melanesian arts, and western techniques.
   David Girardeau arrived in Vanuatu in 1991 to work with the INTV ‘National Institute of Technology’, after 8 years of study across France. Today he’s managing a team of more than forty, including some of his previous students.
   Ever since, individuals and professionals alike are relying on their competence: the lasting quality of their creations is an undeniable testimony to their expertise.

   With Techno Bois Déco and its devoted team of technicians-woodworkers, give life to your dreams and your most ambitious projects!
contact: (678) 27 476 |

on the road to Efate airport
Ph: (+678) 27 476